CO₂-Balance of highly mechanized harvest and wood transport


Parameters can be typed in manually or inserted by uploading StanForD2010-Files. Reading the files may take a few minutes. Please have patience.

Data Protection

The app only uses information which is also displayed on screen. The same is true for the transmission of data to KWF.

Data Entry




Main Results

kg CO₂ are stored in the harvested wood
kg CO₂ Were emitted during harvest
kg CO₂ Were emitted during transport
kg CO₂ constitute the total carbon storage performance of your havest operations

Machine Data

Detailed Results

When an .hpr-file is uploaded, the app displays assortment-specific data by default. You can choose to change this to a species-specific display.


The HarvestCO₂-App calculates the carbon balance of transport of individual assortments. Would you like to add the transport to your calculations?

Please insert the transport distance in kilometers for each of your assortments.

Request for Data

You want to help us understand the connection between the circumstances during harvest and the CO₂-emissions? You would like to support long-term monitoring of the use of forest machines?

Then please describe the measures undertaken during your harvest operations and transmit them to us. We will strive to present the results in a timely fashion.

Data privacy: regardless of whether you choose to transmit your data to KWF or not: we will not take any sensitive information from your .hpr and .mom-files. If you agree to transmit your data, the app will only save the information displayed. If you do not choose to transfer your data, all information will be deleted when you close your browser. No data will be distributed to third parties.

Download Data

You have the opportunity to download your data before they are deleated.